We are looking for volunteers to help Tyne Theatre & Opera House Preservation Trust in fundraising to restore and protect this magnificent and unique working Victorian theatre. 

There are a number of ways you can participate. If you have a love for the theatre onstage, backstage or front of house, we need you! You can volunteer with Tyne Theatre Productions as a part of a musical production, or help the Trust to provide tours and maintain the building.

Please read the descriptions of available volunteer positions below before applying.

Onstage. Tyne Theatre Productions organise fundraising musicals twice a year, Spring and Autumn. Auditions for musical productions are announced for each production. Please visit our news page and social media for more information. We are not accepting applications for performing outside audition periods.

Stage crew.  You can volunteer behind the scenes – building, painting and moving the stage sets or helping with light or sound. Previous experinece and diy skills are appreciated but not necessary. Please note most of the work happens during weekdays and office hours.

Creative production team. We need people with an artistic eye to make costumes, manage props and help with graphic design for our posters and flyers.

Restoration and maintenance. Tyne Theatre & Opera House has also restoration crew volunteers, who help with the maintenance and restoration of the building, usually twice a week around the year. Please note the work happens during weekdays and office hours.

Front of House. We are looking for Front of House volunteers to answer questions, direct people around theatre, sell programmes and of course spread the word about our beautiful theatre. Please note these positions apply only to Tyne Theatre Productions performances twice a year, not the shows of the commercial theatre.

Tours. If you would be interested in stewarding or helping with our tours, an interview must be arranged with our Trustees in charge of tours. To apply for tours, please email us with as much information as you can to tynetheatretours@gmail.com.

Applying for Volunteer

Please tick a box or several boxes and tell us more about yourself.

Please note we unfortunately cannot accept applications from under-aged people as we do not have chaperones in our crew. 


Please find contact information here if you have any further questions.

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