Q: Is this the Tyne Theatre’s official website/what is Tyne Theatre Productions?

A: We are the Tyne Theatre & Opera House Preservation Trust’s own theatrical society – Tyne Theatre Producions. We rehearse and perform at the theatre and create all-volunteer based musicals to raise funds for the theatre’s preservation, but we do not operate the theatre’s business. If you need to know more about the Tyne Theatre & Opera House please visit the official website here: www.tynetheatreandoperahouse.uk

Q: Am I / is my child too young to audition?

A: No, we are all-inclusive! If an under-aged (16 or younger) person wants to audition, we are happy to see their performance. If the Directors of the show make the decision to cast them, we are going to do our best to find a chaperone for them, but however please be aware that if the parent of the performer is not available for all rehearsals or if we cannot find a volunteer chaperone for the production, we sadly cannot let the under-aged person to perform in the production.

Please note performers aged 14 or younger need to be accompanied by an adult at the auditions, which is a general theatre policy. 

Please also note that many shows do not have children in the cast, in which case we specify it in the auditions announcement.

Q: What parts can I audition for?/Do you have parts for someone like me?/What parts are available? 

A: We expect applicants to be familiar with the show they are auditioning for. We do not provide information about the roles or parts, vocal ranges or ages of the characters. All parts are always available for the first audition call, we are all-inclusive and everyone is welcome to audition. If there’s a part which for some reason is already filled, or if we do not audition under-aged performers, it will be specified on the auditions advertisement.

Q: Do you have a safeguarding policy / what are the Society policies?

A: We have a safeguarding policy for all members and under-aged performers. The Society has Terms of Reference and a clear set of simple practical rules which will be explained to all new volunteers. We also provide insurance for our volunteers while in the theatre. All volunteers sign a Volunteer Agreement. We require a cash deposit for the hire library rehearsal materials – the deposit will be returned in full after the production upon returning the rehearsal book(s) in good condition. If the material is lost or defaced we have the right to keep the deposit to cover the cost of the book.

If you need additional information please email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. We work hard to make sure our volunteers have the best possible experience with us and that everything is done to the letter. Being a part of a show is great fun, but as a charity we take safety and legislation seriously.

Q: When are rehearsals?

A: Usually we schedule rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings after 6 or 7 pm, but the frame is subject to rehearsal venue availabilities and the production’s needs.

Q: What is your next show/when are the auditions?

A: Please hang in there – we ensure all information is available as soon as we are able to announce full details. We have different Directors for each show, so the recruitment process for a new Production Team takes a bit of time.

Q: Where does the profit go? 

A: We are very proud that all profit goes directly into preserving the Grade 1 listed Tyne Theatre & Opera House. That’s why we have a strict all-volunteer policy – Tyne Theatre Productions is operated and monitored by the Tyne Theatre & Opera House Preservation Trust, and all of the Trustees are also volunteers!

Q: I’ve been to your Join Us -page and the position I would be interested in is not included on the list. 

A: If the job is not on the list of available volunteer positions, it probably means we cannot accommodate more volunteers. However feel free to drop us an email to tynetheatreproductions@gmail.com and ask more if you’re unsure.